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Privacy Policy

At IntegraTouch, including our affiliated companies within the IntegraTouch group (“IntegraTouch,” “we,” or “us”), we are dedicated to upholding the privacy and security of personal data belonging to our website users, job applicants, business contacts, and other individuals from whom we collect data (“users” or “you”). 

This Privacy Policy aims to provide you with insights into how we collect, store, and utilize personal information, whether you are using our websites or engaging with us through various means as part of our business activities. It also offers you choices regarding how the information you provide us is handled. 

Key Points to Note: 

  1. Website Users and Online Interactions: For website users and individuals who communicate with us online, the entity responsible for your information is IntegraTouch, or as applicable, the specific entity with which you initially interacted directly. 
  1. Other Individuals, such as Job Applicants or Event Attendees: If you fall into other categories, like job applicants or participants in our corporate events, the responsible entity within the IntegraTouch Group Company will be the one that initially gathers information from or about you. This will be clarified in the notices provided when you furnish information to us. 
  1. Scope of Application: This Privacy Policy exclusively pertains to data processing conducted on our behalf (i.e., as the controller). It does not extend to any information that we may process on behalf of our customers or any third parties. Such information will be subject to the privacy policies of the respective customer or third party, as applicable.” 

Types of Information We Gather at IntegraTouch: 

When you interact with our websites or communicate with us in other ways, we collect various forms of information, which may encompass individually identifiable details, commonly known as “Personal Information.” Personal Information includes data that can identify an individual or, with reasonable effort, allow for such identification. Here’s what we collect: 

  1. Registration and Inquiries: When you register online, make inquiries about our products and services, or provide comments and feedback, we gather Personal Information to effectively communicate with you and address your requests related to our products or services. This information encompasses your name, your company affiliation, address, phone and fax numbers, email address, and your line of business. We utilize this data to manage your requests. 
  1. Website Visits: If you visit our websites, we collect Personal Information from your device, such as your IP address and other online identifiers. These are online data points retrieved from users’ devices and protocols that may leave traces, potentially used for user identification. This information aids in optimizing your browsing experience and assists us in enhancing our websites and communication methods. 
  1. Event Attendance: For attendees of IntegraTouch corporate events, we gather Personal Information, which may include your photographs, identifying details (e.g., email, name), and any other pertinent information collected in connection with our events. 
  1. Job Applications: If you apply for a position with us, we collect Personal Information when you reach out regarding employment opportunities at IntegraTouch. This data assists us in evaluating your qualifications and suitability for the relevant job role. We may also use this information to contact you if we believe there’s a job opportunity that aligns with your interests. Such information encompasses your name, email address, CV, telephone number, profile photo, employment history, and other pertinent details. 

Additionally, we may anonymize or de-identify the gathered information to a level where it can no longer personally identify you. Our utilization and disclosure of such aggregated or de-identified information are not subject to restrictions under this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to use or share this data with others without limitations and for various purposes.” 

Utilization of the information we collect: 

At IntegraTouch, we employ and disclose Personal Information in accordance with the guidelines outlined in this Privacy Policy, and for the following purposes: 

  1. Identification and Authentication: We use your information to verify and authenticate your access to our services. 
  1. Analytics for Improvement: We employ analytics to enhance and tailor our websites, as well as refine the methods of communication with you. 
  1. Business Opportunities: We may present you and your company with business opportunities related to our products and services. 
  1. Marketing Communications: We send you marketing communications, updates, newsletters, and deliver personalized content (details available under “Marketing” below). 
  1. Job Applications: If applicable, we utilize your information to manage your job application process with IntegraTouch. 
  1. Customer Support: We employ your data to provide support, troubleshoot our services, respond to your inquiries, and maintain communication with you. 
  1. Enforcement and Compliance: We may investigate violations, enforce our policies, and comply with legal, regulatory, or governmental requirements. This includes responding to subpoenas or similar legal processes and fulfilling government requests.” 

Please note that for details on marketing activities, you can refer to the section titled “Marketing” below. 

Legal Grounds for the Utilization of Your Personal Information 

We will only gather, employ, and share your Personal Information when we are confident that we have a suitable legal foundation to do so. This assurance may arise from the following circumstances: 

  1. Contractual Necessity: We may require the use of your Personal Information to fulfill a contract or take necessary steps to initiate a contract with you. An instance of this is when you share your information with us when applying for a job position at IntegraTouch. 
  1. Legitimate Interests: In our capacity as a commercial entity, we may use your Personal Information for our legitimate interests. For example, we might collect your Personal Information to communicate with you and provide information on marketing materials and opportunities related to our products and services. 
  1. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: We may use your Personal Information to adhere to applicable legal or regulatory obligations that we are obligated to follow. 
  1. Consent: If we have your consent for a specific activity, we will utilize your Personal Information accordingly. 


We may utilize Personal Information to inform you about our products and services that we believe could benefit your company. Our communication methods may include email, postal mail, telephone, or other relevant communication channels that we believe will be useful to you. In all instances, we will respect your preferences regarding how you would like us to handle our marketing efforts with you. 

In our commitment to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring you have control over our marketing activities with you: 

  1. We will take measures to keep direct marketing at a reasonable and proportionate level, only sending you communications that we believe are of genuine interest or relevance to you. 
  1. You have the option to request the cessation of direct marketing at any time. If you wish to stop receiving email marketing, you can simply follow the “unsubscribe” link provided in all our email marketing messages. 

Securing Your Personal Information: 

At IntegraTouch, we prioritize the security of your information. To achieve this, we have implemented and consistently maintain a range of suitable technical and organizational security measures, policies, and procedures. These measures are tailored to mitigate the risk of accidental loss or destruction, as well as unauthorized access or disclosure of your information, in accordance with the nature of the data involved. Our security efforts encompass various safeguards, including: 

  1. Imposing strict confidentiality requirements on our staff members and service providers. 
  1. Ensuring the permanent destruction or anonymization of Personal Information when it is no longer required for its originally intended purposes. 
  1. Employing security controls throughout the storage and disclosure processes of your Personal Information to prevent unauthorized access. 

While we diligently safeguard your information, it’s important to note that the security of your data also relies on the security of your own computer, as well as the protection of your User IDs and passwords. We kindly urge you to take appropriate measures to safeguard this information. Nonetheless, given the inherent openness of Internet communication, we cannot guarantee that communications between you and IntegraTouch, or IntegraTouch and you, will be entirely immune to unauthorized access by third parties. 

Retention of Your Personal Information: 

We will retain your Personal Information for a duration that is reasonably necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, as delineated in this privacy policy. Once your information is no longer required, we will ensure its secure disposal. In certain situations, we may need to retain your Personal Information for extended periods, particularly when mandated by legal, regulatory, tax, or accounting obligations. 

Additionally, there are specific instances where we may retain your Personal Information for prolonged durations to maintain an accurate record of your interactions with us. This is done in anticipation of potential complaints, challenges, or the reasonable belief of possible litigation concerning your Personal Information or transactions. 

Global Transfer of Personal Information 

Our operations extend globally, and consequently, your Personal Information may be transferred and stored in countries beyond Europe, each with distinct data protection standards. 

To ensure the integrity of your privacy rights and interests, we take appropriate measures to conduct transfers of Personal Information in compliance with relevant laws. These transfers are meticulously managed and limited to countries recognized for providing an adequate level of legal protection. Alternatively, we ensure that alternative arrangements are in place to safeguard your privacy rights. In pursuit of this goal: 

  1. Intra-Group Transfers: We guarantee that transfers within our Group adhere to pertinent privacy and data protection laws, maintaining a consistent level of protection, regardless of the location within the Group. 
  1. Third-Party Service Providers: When we transfer your Personal Information to third parties outside the IntegraTouch Group, who provide services to us, we secure contractual commitments from them to safeguard your Personal Information. 
  1. Law Enforcement or Regulatory Requests: In cases where we receive information requests from law enforcement or regulatory authorities, we diligently assess these requests before disclosing any Personal Information. 

Legal Rights to Manage Your Privacy: 

We will retain your Personal Information for a duration that is reasonably necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy policy. Once your information is no longer required, we will ensure its secure disposal. In certain situations, we may need to retain your Personal Information for extended periods, especially when mandated by legal, regulatory, tax, or accounting obligations. 

Moreover, in specific instances, we may retain your Personal Information for an extended period to maintain an accurate record of your interactions with us, particularly if concerns, disputes, or potential litigation related to your Personal Information or dealings arise. 

Subject to specific exemptions and dependent on the nature of the data processing activities we undertake, individuals within the European Union (EU) may possess, as per relevant EU data protection laws, the following rights concerning their Personal Information: 

  • Right to Access Your Data: As an EU data subject, you have the right to access your Personal Information. We aim to provide you with comprehensive details about how your Personal Information is processed in this Privacy Policy. If you have further inquiries regarding the source, purposes, legal basis, methods of processing, data controller’s identity, or entities to whom your Personal Information might be shared, please click here to submit a Data Subject Access Request. It’s important to note that we may limit this right to safeguard the rights and freedoms of others and for other lawful reasons, as per applicable EU laws. 
  • Right to Rectification and Erasure: You can request corrections to any inaccuracies in your Personal Information. Prior to rectifying it, we may verify its accuracy. In specific circumstances, you can also request the erasure of your Personal Information, such as when it’s no longer necessary for the original purposes, when you’ve withdrawn your consent, after a successful objection (refer to ‘Right to Object’ below), or if it has been processed unlawfully. However, we’re not obliged to erase Personal Information if it’s essential for legal compliance or for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims. 
  •  Right to Object to Personal Information Processing: If we process your Personal Information based on legitimate interests, as a data subject, you have the right to object to such processing if you believe your fundamental rights and freedoms outweigh our legitimate interests. Upon objection, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our compelling legitimate interests. You also retain the right to withdraw your consent when we rely on it for collecting and processing your Personal Information. 
  • Right to Data Portability: Within the EU, you may request us to provide your Personal Information, which you provided to us, in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format. Alternatively, you can request direct transfer to another data controller, but only when processing is based on your consent or a contract with you, and it’s carried out by automated means.
  •  Right to File a Complaint with the Supervisory Authority: Should you, as a data subject, have concerns about how we handle your Personal Information, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your local supervisory authority. We encourage you to attempt resolution with us first, but the option to contact your supervisory authority is available.  

To exercise these rights, we may request additional information to confirm your identity and ensure security. We reserve the right to charge a fee where permitted by EU law, especially if your request is deemed manifestly unfounded or excessive. Please contact us to exercise your rights. 

While we will make every reasonable effort to promptly address your requests, certain legal and permissible considerations may prevent us from fully complying. For example, if fulfilling your request would breach our duty of confidentiality to others or if EU legal entitlements dictate an alternative approach. 


Our website is not intended for, nor directed towards, individuals under the age of 16. Integratouch is committed to not knowingly collecting information from children. If you are under the age of 16, we kindly request that you refrain from sharing any personal information about yourself with us. In the event that we discover a user under the age of 16 has shared any personal information, we will make reasonable efforts to promptly remove such information from our records. If you have any reason to believe that a minor has shared personal information with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Our website utilizes cookies, pixel tags, and various identification and local storage methods collectively referred to as “tags/files” hereinafter. These serve the purpose of distinguishing you from other website users, enhancing your browsing experience, and enabling us to refine and tailor our websites as well as our communication methods with you. 

In many instances, these tags/files may utilize your device’s processing or storage capabilities. Some are established by IntegraTouch, while others are deployed by third parties. Their lifespan varies, with some lasting only for the duration of your browser session, while others persist on your device for an extended period. 

These tags/files fall into several categories: (i) those essential for functionality or services you request or for communication transmission (functionality tags/files), (ii) those employed to assess website performance and audience metrics (analytics tags/files), and (iii) others related to tracking across a network of websites, advertising, and more. 

Most internet browsers permit you to adjust your cookie settings, such as blocking specific types of cookies or files. You have the option to block cookies by activating the appropriate setting in your browser, allowing you to decline the placement of all or certain cookies. It is important to note that blocking all cookies through your browser settings may result in limited access to certain portions of the website, particularly those reliant on functionality cookies. To view the list of cookies used on our website, please consult your browser’s instructions. 

For additional information regarding cookies and similar tags/files, you can refer to the following link:

Corporate Transactions 

In the event of a corporate transaction, such as the sale of a significant portion of our business, a merger, consolidation, or asset sale, we may share Information, including Personal Information. Should any of these scenarios occur, the acquiring company will assume the rights and responsibilities outlined in this Privacy Policy. 

Policy Updates 

We retain the right, acting at our sole discretion, to modify, amend, add, or remove sections from this privacy policy whenever necessary. This ensures its alignment with legal requirements and the evolving nature of our business operations. Any updates will be posted on this webpage. We encourage you to routinely review these pages to access the latest version of this notice. In cases where we make substantial alterations to this privacy notice, we will endeavor to inform you through a notice on our website or via email. 

Contacting Us 

For all matters arising from this privacy notice, our Data Protection Officer serves as the primary point of contact. You can reach our Data Protection Officer at  

If you have inquiries, concerns, or complaints regarding our adherence to this privacy notice, the information we hold about you, or if you wish to exercise your rights, we encourage you to initially reach out to our Data Protection Officer. We will thoroughly investigate and strive to resolve complaints and disputes promptly. Our commitment is to honor your requests for exercising your rights as expeditiously as possible, in compliance with data protection laws. 

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