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Change The Way You Think About Professional & Managed Services

At IntegraTouch, no” isn’t in our vocabulary we find the right solution for you, no matter what! 

Experience A New Kind Of Service

We take professional & managed services
to a new level

Our scope is broad, and our knowledge robust, because our team wears more hats than other service providers. We’ll always find faster and more cost-effective solutions for your business. With IntegraTouch, you get a team with the skills of Tier 3 operators at Tier 1 rates! 

Incident Management

We handle the standard incident lifecycle, but we don’t stop there. Our team makes sure that today’s issue will be eradicated or caught faster tomorrow because of our telemetry implementation. Our 24/7 team diagnoses any issues and reaches out to the necessary engineers and developers. From the time an incident is reported until the solution or necessary escalation takes place, we’re on the ground working for you 

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Change Management

With IntegraTouch, you have us on staff, working around the clock. Our team works closely with engineers, when necessary, to ensure that any new feature, code set, or release needing to be pushed from lower environments to production environments goes through a standard approval process.

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Access Management

Through managing your internal user admin, we save you the costs typically sunk into the employee life cycle. From licensing and account verifications to license removal after termination and account extensions, we are available to deal with the tasks you just don’t have time for or money to pay for a permanent staff member to handle  

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We Make A Business Out Of Making It Work!

Don’t you want a partner that will be ready to roll their sleeves up and get whatever you need done, whenever you need it? You deserve it. So, let’s get started!