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Revenue Assurance and Lower Operating Expenses with Customized Managed Services 

Imagine having a team of industry experts managing your most complex tasks while you focus on what you do best.  

With customized managed services, you don’t have to imagine it – you can experience it! By outsourcing specific tasks with companies like IntegraTouch, you can harness the expertise and resources of professionals who specialize in those areas. Managed services enable you to unlock new opportunities, lower operating costs, gain more revenue and reach greater heights.  

But which services need managing, and which could you do in-house? Don’t worry. We’ll show you! Below you’ll find a list of services that could provide these benefits – and more – for your business when you trust them to the professionals.  

Managed Services: Application Management, Operations, & Maintenance  

Managing and maintaining applications can be time-consuming and resource intensive. By outsourcing these tasks to experts, you unlock a multitude of benefits:  

  • Specialized Expertise. Managed services providers have dedicated teams with in-depth knowledge of application management. They ensure smooth operations, quick issue resolution, and proactive maintenance of all your apps, freeing up your time to focus on more strategic initiatives. 
  • 24/7 Support. Problems don’t always happen during regular business hours. With around-the-clock support from your managed service provider, you can rest assured that any application-related issues will be addressed promptly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Plus, it’s a good boost for your brand!  

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing  

Delivering high-quality products or services is crucial for customer satisfaction, which is why quality assurance is an important “last step” when designing a product. Sadly, many companies don’t have the time or staffing to do it. That can all change when you outsource it. Here’s what you can expect:  

  • Time and Resource Savings. Managing an in-house QA team requires significant time, training, and infrastructure investments. By outsourcing QA testing, you can save valuable resources and leverage the expertise of quality assurance professionals.  
  • Improved Product and Service Quality. Outsourced QA teams like those at IntegraTouch bring fresh perspectives and industry best practices to the table. Their meticulous testing processes help identify and resolve issues early on, resulting in superior products or services that meet (and even exceed) customer expectations.  

Supply Chain Management  

Many small to medium businesses struggle with making the most of their supply chain – especially because it involves a multiplicity of moving parts. This is why many companies could benefit from outside supply chain management. Supply chain management can help:  

  • Streamline Operations. Outsourcing supply chain management means processes are always optimized, bottlenecks are reduced, and efficiency is improved. No more asking employees to pull double duty as a product manager and a supply chain manager. Now, experts can monitor inventory, manage logistics, and coordinate with suppliers, ensuring seamless operations.  
  • Enhance Efficiency. Customized managed services enable you to leverage data analytics and automation tools to identify trends, optimize inventory levels, and streamline order fulfillment. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs.  

Revenue Management  

Managing revenue effectively is crucial for the financial success of any business. But your accounting team may not have time to hunt down every revenue leak or chase every late payment. Thankfully, managed services can be there to help:  

  • Improve Revenue Tracking. With specialized tools and expertise, managed services providers can help track and analyze revenue streams accurately. As they pass on their insights to your management team, you can make better financial decisions and improve profitability.  
  • Increase Billing Accuracy. Outsourcing revenue management ensures accurate and timely billing, reducing the chances of errors or discrepancies. This leads to smoother financial operations, better cash flow, and stronger customer relationships.  

Maintenance Planning & Deployments  

Deploying (and maintaining) new equipment and software requires speed, accuracy, and attention to detail that many businesses can’t spare. Outsourcing these tasks to experts can bring significant benefits, like:  

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency. Managed services providers like IntegraTouch have teams dedicated to maintenance planning and deployments, ensuring your systems are updated, secure, and running smoothly.  
  • Reduced Downtime. By entrusting maintenance to the experts, you can avoid common pitfalls and ensure that updates and deployments are carried out seamlessly, reducing the risk of system outages or disruptions.  

By leveraging the expertise of professionals using managed service offerings, you can streamline your operations, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve sustainable growth. Without spending more than you can afford to do it. 

Success is Just a Service Away with IntegraTouch  

Take your business to new heights with IntegraTouch’s customized managed services and unlock the full potential of innovation and success – contact us today for a personalized consultation and propel your organization forward. 

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