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Kevin Maag


Jennifer Maag

Managing Partner/Operating Manager

Douglas Montevecchi

FSO & VP of Engineering

Dave Slavny

VP of Business Development

About Us

Founded in 2002 by our President & CEO Kevin Maag. He had spent his career up until this point working with large Communication Service Providers & Technology companies around the world. He noticed, the companies he worked for outsourced a lot of their IT & Operational work to the likes of Accenture & Deloitte’s of the world and weren’t getting what they paid for.  


Realizing he had a strong track record of reducing expenses while improving performance on his teams, he decided to start IntegraTouch. The first project the company won, was replacing a team of 70+ resources from Accenture with a team of 10 from IntegraTouch.  


With a 20+ year track record, IntegraTouch has one mission and that is to best serve our clients, partners and employees.  

At IntegraTouch, we want to help you do more with less. We strive to provide our customers and out partners with agility, flexibility and cost-leadership position in the market.  

Cloud Migration & Virtualization: Make the Most of Your Digital Resources

Our team at IntegraTouch can easily migrate your data into the cloud with no interruption to your services. And we can also help you use every byte of your current hardware.

Software Development & Integration: Streamline Operations & Cut Costs

Need to unite multiple platforms into one UI? Want software that's custom-built? IntegraTouch has the expertise to do it.

Business Operations Management: Boost Efficiency and Productivity

No matter what kind of service models you need, IntegraTouch has got you covered with a completely custom solution.

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Your All-In-One Telecommunications Billing & Management Platform

From Automated Billing to Partner Management, Symphony Can Do It All

With Symphony, you can manage all your business operations – from billing to ticketing – using a single online platform. It’s simple, it’s streamlined, it’s Symphony.

What You Can Expect When You Partner with IntegraTouch

We're Fully Committed to Delivering Incredible Value & Quality to Companies Across All Industries.

Being an IntegraTouch customer means you get access to game-changing collaboration. We’ll work hand in hand to optimize your operations, enhance efficiency, and propel you to success.